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Six Important Qualities for a Successful Affiliate Marketer


girl_cash_green_shirtThere are indeed major differences between a run-of-the-mill affiliate marketer and a highly successful and motivated one, as this article would consider. For one thing there are many factors, marketing or otherwise, extraneous or internal, economic or non economic, that impact on performance and successful conduct of affiliate marketing, depending upon a number of externalities, perhaps inherent and acquired along the business of affiliate marketing. It is necessary to now consider six of the most important qualities that must be possessed in order to be considered as a successful affiliate marketer.

Qualities for a successful Affiliate Marketer
1. Planning a Roadmap for success

The very fact that one has planned well and developed an excellent roadmap for success in this domain speaks volumes of one’s commitment to the cause of rendering excellence in affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is indeed one domain where it is necessary to work to a plan, which is the only way that could guarantee results in this sphere of marketing activities.

2. Preferring niche brands

The choice of brands and products to market is also important. Initially, it is better to concentrate on few brands which could be successfully marketed and then only move to a larger and broader domain. Handling too many brands at the initial stages could not only be tedious, but also frustrating if the brand marketing fails to take off. Thus, a better strategy for success would be to focus efforts on few brands with higher possibilities of success. There is also need to first study the market, its preferences, consumer choices, pricing and branding before jumping the affiliate marketing bandwagons.

3. Be patient, cautious and alert about market developments

It is indeed important to have an ear to the ground in terms of rival and competing affiliate marketing brands, their level of success or otherwise, market potential and future modus operandi. Market trends are  dynamic and evolving and one needs to be fully aware and cognizant of current market conditions and movements in this domain. Not only should brands be able to create and sustain brand value, they also need to provide value addition and customer acceptability. Especially in competitive markets.

4. Establish and maintain personal rapport with all

Affiliate marketing not only deals with firms and brands- it also deals with people and humans like you and me. It is crucial not to rub people the wrong way, that could only harm one’s business prospects. Tact, discretion, diplomacy, courage and astute judgments are important characteristics in this domain, which could be perfected with exposures and experiences.

5. Always maintain successful, proactive and positive approach to business

While short-term business setbacks and reverses are normal in any business, it should not impact one’s conduct, thinking or attitudes. It may also be sometimes necessary not to act in haste and adopt a more tolerant Wait-and-Watch attitude” which could set things right on their own. Acting in haste may ruin better prospects and could also create more exacerbating situations from which it may be difficult to wriggle free. Mind over matter is indeed the need of the hour in such exacting situations.

6. Take a balanced, objective and calm view of things

Affiliate marketing is not a smooth ride and could even end up as a roller coaster ride, not knowing which way things would turn up next. It is necessary to be objective and balanced and be able to make best use of a bad bargain. In times of distress, it is important for affiliate marketers to hope for the best, but also prepare for the worst.

Indeed, affiliate marketing may throw up some new qualities over and above the ones mentioned above, depending upon the issues in hand and how they need to be tackled, addressed and remedied. Success in affiliate marketing is indeed a much elusive term, but use of the above could well assure that one is not on the wrong side of road to business success and prosperity in this domain.

Must Read Inspirational Success Story of Saurabh Jain from Shoppal.in


Hey Friends,

Today, we have the successful Internet Entrepreneur Mr. Saurabh Jain with us. He is the owner of one of leading coupon website Shoppal.in. It is an opportunity to hear his success story in his own word. This interview is full of information and inspire you to work smart towards your goal. I am damn sure that you will love it, so don’t forget to comment and share.

Interview with Mr Saurabh Jain of Shoppal.in

Sagar: Hi Saurabh, Welcome to AddictedMe and thanks for giving us your valuable time for this interview.
Saurabh: Hey Sagar, thank you very much for giving me the great honor to be a part of your blog and a chance to interact with your readers.
Sagar: Let we start with the first question. For those who don’t know you and your work, can you tell us a little about yourself?
Saurabh: I am Saurabh Jain. I did my B.Tech from IIT and later worked with Deloitte and HSBC for a few years. I have always been crazy about the word “NEW”. New gadgets, new experiences, new places, new food etc. I explore things to the fullest till they are no longer strangers to me.
Sagar: What was the inspiration to start Shoppal.in?

Saurabh: During my engineering and later during my brief stint in the corporate world, I came across various online shopping sites. While purchasing goods, I used to keep a watch out for discounts or sale. Sometimes I would succeed, but many I would end up paying more for the goods.India’s online retail industry has grown at a rapid pace in the last five years, from a revenue of around Rs. 15 billion (US$ 249.64 million) in the year 2007–08 to Rs 139 billion (US$ 2.31 billion) in 2012–13, translating into a CAGR of over 56 per cent. The ninefold growth came as a result of increasing internet penetration and changing lifestyles, and was primarily driven by books, electronics, apparel, beauty and personal care.

According to Crisil Research, the online retail business in India is expected to grow at a whopping 50–55 percent annually to become a Rs 50,000 crore (US$ 8.32 billion) business in the next three years. The launch of Shoppal was aimed to help and guide the ever increasing population of online shoppers’ population and enable them to purchase the quality products at best possible prices by being the one stop discount shop.


Sagar: Can you share your business model with us?
Saurabh: Shoppal works on an affiliate business model. Various ecommerce merchants approachshoppal to promote their new campaigns and offer it with an ever increasing visitor base. The transactions conducted are paid by the merchants based on the different revenue structures like CPA CPA (Cost per action),  CPL (Cost per lead), CPS (Cost per sale), CPC (Cost per click) etc.
Sagar: How have you utilized Social Media Platforms?
Saurabh: Yes, we do. We are actively present on various social media platforms and continuously keep our fan base updated with the latest deals and offers. Most of our social media traffic comes from platforms like  Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest.
Sagar: Are you using paid advertisements to promote your website?
Saurabh: Yes, we make use of paid advertisements, but in a very limited fashion. We occasionally run campaigns like Google Adwords, Facebook promotions and Banner advertisements. We believe in word of mouth publicity and this works very well with us because of the kind of services we provide.
Sagar: Any tie up with other sites in the industry. Your current or to be partnerships?
Saurabh: We have currently partnered with around 100s of merchants with whom we don’t work on a commission basis but are partnered on a relationship basis. We promote new startups that don’t have much profit to share. This has built our rapport and long term relations with them. After all, it’s about all of us, put together, to join hands and eventually credit for the growth of this sector and add some value to our society. We are not looking for any investments as of now.
Sagar: Overview of your internet marketing strategy
Saurabh: We work on an integrated marketing strategy to show brand presence via multiple channels. This includes Social media as has been mentioned above, Search engine marketing, Email marketing to our 1Lakh+ subscriber base, PRs, Contests and Giveaways. Recently, we organized a highly appreciated Treasure hunt contest, which saw a participation of more than 100 students from India’s premier institutes like IIMs, IITs and NITs.
Sagar: We would like to know about your achievements till date.
Saurabh: It’s due to our services and people support that its been only 7 months since we started and today we are hitting a target of more than 100 sales per day. This figure is increasing by 15-25% every month. Every week we are partnering with 7-10 new merchants. This is the kind of amazing response we are getting from the merchants, and this is an achievement in itself.
Sagar: So what is your goal in the near future?
Saurabh: We aspire to become the top brand in the coupon space that people will trust and rely upon. Through our new services, which will be launched soon (confidential now), we aspire to become a one stop source for all coupon needs.
Sagar: How has the concept “ONLINE SHOPPING” changed in the last few years and where do you see its future?

Saurabh: Online shopping is a household name now. It started with Jobs, matrimony, irctc (railway reservation portal) and now has indulged itself in property, food, fashion, travel and what not. People now people feel far more secure and comfortable than they felt a few years back. Though, I would request shoppers to first analyze new emerging portals. The shoppers’ can always refer the help services on shoppal.in through our forum. Kindly refer our blog and then only initiate transactions with new portals on the block.

Sagar: What advice can you give our visitors when thinking about starting or promoting their personal or business sites?
Saurabh: Strategy is important. A thorough SWOT (Strength, weakness, Opportunities & Threats) analysis of the sector and the product you are launching is important in today’s time. If it passes the SWOT test, jump with full zeal and passion without loosing time.
Sagar: Thank you very much Saurabh for this informative interview and all the best for your future.
Saurabh: Hey! Thank you very much Sagar and all the best!

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Hope you like this interview with Mr. Saurabh Jain, also do visit his exciting website Shoppal.in. Now it’s your turn to share your views and suggestion. Also, don’t forget to share this post. You may also like us on FacebookTwitter and Google+.

Tips To Use Social Media To Target Website Traffic

social media

The social media is one of the most popular platforms to engage with your target audience and customers. It is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. Unfortunately, these info outlets (social media sites) are often too busy at best and entirely overwhelming at worst. You are supposed to target your info to the right kind of audience, link things smartly and get your audience engaged in order to transform your social followers over the web traffic. Developing and having a site for your business is one thing and getting traffic is all together a different domain. Getting the right traffic to your website can be called as one of the vital challenges, which can be garnered in different ways. Considering the popularity of social media and the whopping amount of people present on this handful of sites, the online marketers have found tangible ways to garner traffic for their business websites. The following are some of the smartest tips and tricks to use social media to target the website traffic. Let’s check them out as under:

Social Media addictedme.com

Check out a plan and implement it

One of the basic requirements to leverage the social media to get traffic is to develop a right plan and then follow the same. Moving ahead without a plan can be disastrous as far as content of your site is concerned. By creating quality content can really help in identifying the right social media tool in order to use to use the content, which must be showcased and even a wide range of posts or tweets you would require in order to target within a day. By creating a weekly schedule can really help in mapping out all your activities and equivalent content.

Treat each social media channel differently

Every social media site present over the web landscape is different in nature and purpose. The different social media channels you find online have different kind of people using the same. Hence, when it comes to creating content for the different social media sites make sure you understand the difference and adjust the content, which fit into the audience that you are communicating. For instance, LinkedIn site has more business oriented and professional groups using the platform than any other social media site, hence the content you share to promote your site to get traffic should be very much professional and in depth in nature.

Personally engage your followers

Once you have garnered a tangible amount of followers start giving them a personal incentive in order to visit your website. Do ask them for their advice over the topics you pose over your website and share it over the social media sites. By doing this you can create a debate or even think of going for a quick poll. Questions you post over different social media sites are more result oriented and give you smarter results. As per experts, featuring some of the interesting responses can directly help your followers know the content you have featured. It is really difficult to defy checking out the post, which talks about you.  By keeping your current clients or followers engaged is more vital than finding the new ones. Make sure you start using the social media presence in order to interact with the followers. Also, start using your social media accounts to communicate with your followers. Using your profiles exclusively for posting a number of links over your site, you can only see the customers getting disengaged instantly and simply forget about you and your brand. Make sure you trigger the conversations, answer different questions and simply start acting like breathing and lively person and not just a link generator.

Make all your post visually very much engaging

The social media pages are simply designed for quick scrolling. If you are posting only raw text content, your target audience is likely to miss you completely. If you see your post being very much wordy, you are going to skip things very rapidly. The post carrying images and Infographics stuff is more likely to draw the attention of your target audience. As per the Hotspot study, the Facebook pictures can get 53% more likes and 100% more comments. Also, when you post photos via your social media pages, make sure these pictures should link back to your website. Always double check the links in order to ensure that, it finds the relevant kind of posts and not just the original photo. If you see your pictures getting the interest of your viewers to some other place, then it simply means that you have failed in your purpose. This in turn will decline the traffic coming over your website. The images, which helps in engaging your interest and trigger curiosity will certainly leave your audience damn hungry.

MoboRobo Review: The All in One Smartphone Management Tool

moborobo review

Managing the Mobile Device from Computer is an easy task when you have an iPhone, Windows mobile or any Symbian devices. The reason is, they have their own desktop management tools like iTunes for iPhone, Zune for Windows and Ovi Suite (PC Suite) for Symbian devices. But when it comes to an Android device, there is no such propriety tool which will help you thoroughly to offer all required functionalities. However, few of the developers got a chance to try their hands on creating powerful management tools for Android devices.

After few hours of research, I found a desktop management tool named MoboRobo which is absolutely free to use. MoboRobo is one of the most comprehensive and all-in-one Smartphone management tool for Android.

MoboRobo gives you all basic features like backup & restore of contacts, messages and call logs. Apart from this it offers advanced features like to install & uninstall of any application from your smartphone and you can even update installed apps.

You can view all your contacts, messages & call logs in the application itself. The best feature of MoboRobo is that you integrate iPhones and transfer all contacts & messages from iPhone to Android device.

MoboRobo Review in Detail

How to connect Android Device to MoboRobo:

As I said, MoboRobo is free to download from their official website http://www.MoboRobo.com Once downloaded, install the software and launch it. The software will ask you to do a few steps to enable USB debugging on your Android device.

Goto “Setting > Developer Options > USB Debugging” & enable it. Now you can connect your device to computer by the USB cable.

How to connect Android Device to MoboRobo

You can connect Smartphone using wifi also but the method is slightly different. However, your Smartphone is connected it will check for drivers and install if it is not already installed. After installation, MoboRobo will detect your Smartphone and you will be ready to manage your device.

MoboRobo User Interface:

MoboRobo User Interface

MoboRobo UI is very clean and easy to understand. All basic functions backup/restore, file manager are visible on home screen. Beside this, it will show free space on device & SD card storage. Also show you the number of contact, messages, Apps, & Media.

You can switch between multiple devices and mange your data easily. At the top of the UI, you will get 7 different tabs Home, Data, Apps, Images, Music, Videos, and Themes.


Backup and Restore of mobile data was really not as easy as MoboRobo does. Just click on Backup/Restore button on the Home screen, select the items you want to backup, select the location and click the Backup button, That’s it. It will backup Contacts, Messages, Call logs, Images, Wallpapers, Themes, Music, Ringtone, Apps. Restore function works in the same way.

Backup/Restore feature is really helpful, in case of device lost or OS corruption.

MoboRobo Backup Restore

File Manager:

The file manager helps you to manage all the files and folders on your Smartphone from the software itself. You can easily add/move files and folders, upload new files from your PC to your Smartphone or delete the unwanted data from the device.

Install/Uninstall/Update Apps:

This is one my favorite feature that MoboRobo is offering in its best way. Just click on the Apps tab on the top, you will able to see all the apps and games installed on your Smartphone. You can uninstall, update or simply move these apps from SD card to Device memory and vice versa.

By using App library, you can install apk from local computer to your Smartphone and similarly by using the Web Resources section, you will be able to search and download for various apps and install them on your device.

Image, Video and Music Feature:

You can easily add images, videos and music to your Smartphone from PC and delete any unwanted data.

Data Management:

MoboRobo easily wins in data management category. In same interface you can view all contacts, messages and call logs.

You can easily add/delete/update your device contacts. Beside this, you can even send message or call any of contact in your device from within software itself.

iPhone Integration:

The MoboRobo Smartphone management tool, not only supports Android devices, but you can even connect your iPhone device to the tool. If you want to copy all the contacts from an iPhone to your Android smartphone, you will be able to do so easily by using MoboRobo software.


After reviewing all basic and advance features I can say, it is one of the best All in one Smartphone management tool for Android devices If you have an Android smartphone then you should definitely have this tool installed on your computer.

Direct Download Link to MoboRobo Tool.

Check Out More about MoboRobo.

Five Facts about Creating Social Media Content You Should Know


Devising social media content strategy should be on the top of priority list of individuals who are looking to leverage this powerful web tool for their increasing their business’s value. Here are some tips for the same that will help every marketer out there to accomplish their vital business objectives.

Social Media is a powerful business tool. Anybody who doesn’t agree with this statement is oblivious to the mind boggling statistics such as:

  • Facebook has 1.28 billion monthly active users
  • 72% of the online adults visit Facebook at least once a month
  • 500 million Tweets are sent per day
  • More than 2 users sign-up for LinkedIn every single second

social medi

With so much going for it, social media simply can’t be ignored as a tool to leverage one’s business. However, as easy it is to set up a Facebook page or Twitter account, it is equally challenging to use these social media channels for fostering authentic and useful conversations with the target audience. Without a proper content plan, this is hardly possible. The content you share on the social media channels creates buzz and gives brands something to talk about with their customers and prospects. Producing and sharing fantastically useful content will not only attract more customers, but also help your brand to retain existing customers. Here are some important facts to consider while creating content for social media channels.

Your target audience is the king

You all have heard this before, “Content is King”. I would like to say, it’s actually your target audience which is the king. Before creating any content it’s very important to understand exactly who your audience is. Each audience is unique and it’s your prerogative to make out what type of content will resonate with the audience.

For instance, a creative audience will cherish content that adds to their creativity. Feed it technical data, and you will probably lose them. Such a content strategy is said to be in conflict with your audience. Basically, a strategy that doesn’t work. Therefore, make sure to create content that speaks directly to your audience.

Recognize the perfect platform for showcasing your content

Sometimes it’s not as much about the content as it is about the platform where you share the content. You might be pretty charged up about your Facebook likes which are increasing exponentially but what if you are getting more leads through your LinkedIn channel. The simple conclusion that every business person can derive from this is that you will be better off dedicating greater resources for your LinkedIn channel when compared to the Facebook platform.

Find the best formats that audience prefers

The format in which you deliver the content is important as well. For example, some people consume content in video form while there are others who are better off reading or viewing the same content in infographic form. Besides, it also depends on the content, which format it actually deserves. Each unique scenario deserves a unique solution. So, after careful observation of the preferences of your audience, you need to carefully select the right format to deliver your content.

The frequency of publishing

Social Media Marketers often face this dilemma. You want to connect with the followers without shoving it in their face. Even if all your content is informative and attuned to the taste of your audience it still requires smartness to find how often you should share it to strike the balance between being informative and annoying. However, most experts will tell you there is no exact number. Frequency is a combination of your audience behavior and search engine objectives. For instance, greater frequency means better chances of appearing in search engine results. However, this way you run the risk of being intrusive. If your audience is happy with a twice-a-day Facebook post then you should keep it that way.

It’s all about money, honey

Although social media ROI cannot be only measured in terms of new leads generation, as brand awareness is a major part of it, in pure business terms, any investment should yield some kind of financial returns. You can dish up as much content as you like, but in the end if it doesn’t help your business grow, your efforts will be for nothing. To avoid such a situation, keep revising your business objectives regularly and attune your content strategy according to it.

How to recover deleted files from iPhone, iPad or iPod with Coolmuster

coolmuster review

There are many people who are using iphone not only for communicating, but to store their precious data as well. This stuff includes emails, messages, photos, videos, contacts and much more. The huge amount of data is precious for all the owners and they cannot afford to lose it at any cost. Well, there is no need to worry about the data lost as there is some effective software out there which can ease your stress. Coolmuster is popular iPhone 6 data recovery software which can help you in recovering your data very easily. Know more about this amazing tool.

Cool Data Recovery Tool


Coolmuster is as cool as its name and offers peace of mind to all the users. This tool is among the best data recovery software which is easily available online. You can recover all your data with the aid of this software in just few simple steps. You will also get installation and user manual with this software. Lost your pictures, messages, songs and contacts? No need to panic if you have Coolmuster handy with you. Within few seconds all your data will be recovered back in your iphone.  No, doubt there are several other tools available, but are you ready to take chances with your expensive devices. If not, then Coolmuster data recovery software is an ideal choice. There are a plethora of features which you are going to get with this amazing tool.

Why Choose Coolmuster?

coolmuster review

iOS do not allows third party  applications  and thus this makes very hard to recover the data. Coolmuster is especially meant for iphone. With this tool you can recover data from iPad and iPod as well.  Users are going to find this tool very simple and friendly. There are many who recommend Coolmuster because it provides guarantee of effective functionality. There are a variety of reasons why you should chose Coolmuster.

  • Supports all the iDevices
  • User friendly, convenient and good interface
  • Supports all iOS
  • Recovers all the data such as pictures, videos, contacts, emails etc
  • Can detect iTunes files automatically in your computers
  • As compared to other recovery tools it is faster, smoother and effective
  • Step to step guide available

Learn To Use Coolmuster

Step1. Download Coolmuster data recovery tool and install it

Step2. Connect your iphone with computers

Step3. Coolmuster will detect backup files in your system automatically

Step4. Select files which you want to recover and hit scan

Step5. You will find files in different categories like notes, contacts etc

Step6. Click on the files and save them in a folder

Step7. All done

These are the seven steps which you will have to follow to recover your lost files from systems.  It can automatically detect all the files so there is no need to go folder by folder to select files. You don’t have to worry about how to restore lost messages from iPhone 6. This effective software is going to recover all your valuable data including messages from systems with ease. These steps will help you in carefully recovering your data. These are very easy to perform and even children can easily use this tool.

Where To Get Coolmuster

Coolmuster data recovery tool is easily available online from its official website. You might also get a demo version so you can try before using it. This affordable software s going to make your life stress free because there will be no anxiety of losing your data. There are many who are using this software to get back their data. It can be easily upgraded online and a variety of features make it a number one choice of the iDevices owners. There is no other software that is going to provide you with such amazing functionality and convenience.

Collegedunia Review : Search Engine For Colleges


Finding the best college on the internet is not so easy, but nowadays, get the best experiences using the best portal, which is designed to list all the best and reputed colleges and universities. It comes with a name of Collegedunia.com. This site is a new platform to list different colleges under a single roof. With this easy to use platform, you can have chance to search any college, you are interested in. now, and there is no need to browse different types of sites to get the required information.

What You Can Get?

When you visit the website, you can have a chance to know about the different categories of colleges located on the top and also the search bar in the center of the webpage. There are many benefits; you can get from this platform. In order to know more or experience it, you can refer to this site.

Introduction To Collegedunia.com

It serves as an educational site, which is especially designed to assist the students by providing them with the information about different types of courses. Once you go to the site, this website has information on a wide range of courses or streams such as engineering, management, arts, medical and much more. This site is based in the capital state of India, that is, New Delhi. It is established by Sahil Chanana.

collegedunia review

Benefits Of Collegedunia

This site has many benefits to offer for different people, including students, parents, friends and many others. When it comes to students, they can have an option to choose a specific course, in which they are interested in. in addition, with the site, they can know about the places, such as states and collages, which are going to offer these kinds of courses, for which they are seeking for. With it, a student can easily and effectively pick up the best institution or college, based on the place, fees, rates, rankings and cutoff for many completive exams. As while searching for the best college, there are many factors, a student needs to consider. This site makes this thing easy and fast, as the colleges listed on it, are available after the categorization on the basis of these factors.

While on the other hand, parents can take an advantage of this site. This site provides with a sigh of relief to parents in many ways. As they are seeking for a perfect place to study for their children, they wander here and there. But with this site, they can make the search process easy and simple. As this site has all types of information on what is excellent for their kids, then it is better to use it by parents, who are finding a reputed college to take admission for their children. Even, they can select the better and higher ranking colleges for their kids in an easy and fast manner.

Moreover, this site also proves beneficial for educational institutes. It is because with this site, the educational centers get an option to increase their exposure on the web. They can get a secure and the best platform to place the information of their center. In this manner, they can easily find the motivated students, who want to attain knowledge and a better career from them.

Very interesting and handy feature of this site is, at bottom you can get all top colleges list including Top BBA Colleges in India and BCA Colleges in India. It will be very useful in case you are not aware about the top colleges in respective stream or area.

Top colleges

An Easy To Use Site

This site is a non-complex and user friendly site. You can browse this site in an immediate manner.  The site offers you an easy to search option; you can use to get all the required information about a college, which you are seeking for. This site also lists down the facilities and services available in centers or colleges such as gyms, hostels, auditoriums, libraries and many others. Visit the site for more info.

Zoutons Review : Shop more with huge Discounts


Everyone loves online discounts and deals and it is a great experience to search for coupons and save with them. We will provide detailed information about a wonderful coupon website Zoutons.com which has revolutionized online shopping bargains.

About Zoutons.com

zouton homepage

Zoutons is a fast growing and leading site for coupons, offers and attractive deals in India. Zoutons assure free coupons for most of the online shopping sites. It provides an excellent experience by displaying only the coupons that have been verified on regular basis. It can be contacted easily for offering help to you in getting best coupons.

As group of digital marketers and technologists we find best deals with or without the use of coupons. With experience in coupon cutting and locating best online discount deals, we find and share main deals available for short time.

Zoutons Features

This user-friendly website provides option of searching store, product deal etc on home screen itself. Its registration procedure is simple. You can subscribe for getting information about best deals delivered in your inbox. It displays popular stores and popular coupons in its home page. http://zoutons.com has offered the best possible choice of online merchants for its customers.

There are many websites from where the desired products can be bought comfortably even while sitting at home. The products will be delivered at your home within short time. You will also be offered more discounts on money spent.

Zoutons has the concept of offering coupons of different online shopping websites at one place.  Please visit site and you will find best discounts on all the categories possible. Discount coupons are available for apparel, beauty products, footwear, travel, restaurants and air tickets.

We will now see some exciting websites and discounts available to familiarize you and select suitable coupons and click on “Get the Code”, copy it and paste it during the payment stage for applying the discount.

Most Popular Stores

popular stores on zouton

Flipkart Coupons

Flipkart is most popular shopping website in India which offers good discounts on categories like books, apparel, footwear, toys and games, home appliances, Music etc.

Jabong Coupons

Jabong provides a huge collection of brands for apparel, footwear, house decor items and miscellaneous items. The discounts can be as high as 80%. Everyday they offer different discounts on different products. Zoutons helps you narrow down the coupon of your interest.

FirstCry Coupons

FirstCry is the best destination for any to be mother or new mother, Firstcry has all that you would need for your baby at amazing discounts.

Snapdeal Coupons

Snapdeal is also one of the top online shopping site and has the largest collection of products and deals.

Amazon Coupons

Amazon is leading shopping destination in India. Get humongous discounts on selected products special offers on Women, Kids and Men apparel and shoes.

iStonsoft iPhone To Computer Transfer Review: Best Tool To Backup Your iPhones


Transferring files from one device to another is not so easy because there are many complexities which different devices have. If you are interested in transferring files from iPhone to PC, then it is important to choose the best solution. Here, you are going to a helpful guide for you. The best thing to know is that most of the people, who are using iPod, iPhone or iPad devices, they attempt to make use of transferring programs free of cost available to perform this process. There are many reasons why you need to transfer data from iPhone to PC.

No matter the reason behind it, this guide will help you in any manner. Sometimes, if you want to backup your data urgent from iPhone to PC, then you can use iStonsoft iPhone to Computer Transfer program. You can try this software to meet your needs. Look at the below mentioned review about this software, how it can transfer the files:

What is iStonsoft iPhone to Computer Transfer?

It is one of the most popular and effective file transferring tool, which is created by the well-known company, iStonsoft. With this tool, you can transfer the files or in fact, performs the backup process in an easy and immediate manner. When it comes to any drawbacks of this tool, there is no need to worry about it. You can transfer different types of media files, including music, movies, photos, TV shows, podcast and much more from iPhone to PC. You can also do backup iPhone with new Mac.

There are many issues being faced by the users, who are attempting to transfer or backup of files. In order to overcome these issues, the company decided to introduce this kind of software in the market, which helps people in different ways. This software tool can make you transfer or backup process simple and faster than normal. There are some issues due to Apple Copyright protection. With this protection applied by Apple, users are not allowed to move their important files from any kind of iOS based devices using the iTunes easily. In these situations, this software tool is the best option to meet your needs.

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What is the best feature of iStonsoft iPhone to Computer Transfer?

One of the interesting things to know about it is that, not only Mac users, but people using the Windows OS can also use it to transfer the files. Moreover, the windows version of this software is compatible with various versions of windows OS such as 7, 8, vista. While on the other hand, if you have Mac OS, then it is also compatible with different versions of Mac, including OSX, 10.7, 10.6, 10.8 and 10.9.

How to use it?

Using it is very simple. If you are dealing with the process to transfer files from iPhone to PC using iStonsoft iPhone to Computer Transfer, then firstly, you need to understand the way, it used to do the transfer or backup. While using it, you need to consider the below mentioned things:

  • First of all, you need to download this software from its official site on your computers.
  • Once you are done with it, you must connect your iOS based device such as iPhone, to your computer using the USB data cable. Afterwards, open the software to get started with it.
  • On the left side, there are many file options available, you can choose any of them, which you want to transfer. If you wish to transfer all files, you need to choose Export option from file menu. Once the files are selected, choose an advance option and decide on the location to export the files. In this manner, you can transfer the files or back up the same.


iStonsoft iPhone to Computer Transfer is one of the best tool to transfer your iPhone data to PC and restore whenever required.