Make The Right Choice Between Online Marketing Techniques


Online Marketing TechniquesOne may say that you should use all online marketing techniques, and that is very good advice but it is flawed a little. Firstly, it would take a lot of staff hours to partake of even half of all commonly used marketing techniques online. And secondly, there are many marketing techniques that are not going to be worth your while for your business because the custom you get back would not match up with the amount you paid in staff hours. Here are a few online marketing techniques you may consider for yourself.

Top Online Marketing Techniques

Affiliate advertising on search engines

This is just one of the ways that you may advertise online. Use one of the major search engines and your adverts will appear in a PPC fashion at the top of the search engine results. With search engines such as Google you may restrict your adverts to simply appear on the search engine results or you can have them run on affiliate websites too.

Affiliate advertising on websites online

You may use affiliate advertising companies to run PPC or PPA or PPI adverts on websites. These sorts of affiliate advertising companies are commonplace, and they may allow you to target the websites that your adverts appear on so that more of your target customers see them.

A mixture of affiliate advertising platforms

Even an affiliate advertising platform such as Google AdWords will allow you to run your adverts on the search engines and websites. It is possible to do this and use even more affiliate advertising networks. Just because one affiliate network is running your adverts does not mean you cannot sign up with others and run more adverts in other places.

Social media affiliate advertising

You may have noticed the affiliate adverts that are present on the big social media networks. These are not exclusive and anybody is able to sign up for them. The ones for social media sites such as Facebook are good because people input very personal data into them. This means adverts can be targeted not only on a person’s age, gender and location, but also on his or her likes and dislikes.

Content marketing via articles and guest posts

This just means promoting your website or your goods by posting articles on article sites and guest posts on other websites.

Infographic advertising

This is where you create an infographic and you pass it around online so that many others may see it and be influenced by it. It is possible to create a very visually engaging infographic and even though they are not ideal for long term marketing or repeat marketing it is still handy to have them around. This is especially true if you need to explain anything in a narrative fashion.


Pinterest promotion

You can promote products, a business, service or a brand on Pinterest. You simply make up some boards that revolve around the topic of your choice. There are influencers that you may contact on the social media network so that you may promote certain products or boards. You may also add pin widgets to the page elements on your website so that maybe people will pin your images on their social media network.

Facebook, Google+, and Twitter promotion

This may be done by creating regular posts to the social media networks. The Twitter one is probably going to need the most regular updating. The conversion rates are low, but it may raise a little awareness about your business. The way you post on Google+ may be the same as the way you post on Facebook. In fact, there is nothing stopping you from posting the same content on both social media networks.

YouTube and Daily Motion advertising

You can do this by signing up for their affiliate advertising program, or you can create your own promotional videos and market your website or service that way. If you create videos that are interesting and are of a high enough quality then people will stop and watch your videos and possibly absorb your message.

Website and SEO advertising

If you get your website high enough in the Google search engine results pages, then people will see your website and may purchase your products. It is all about getting your website higher up the search engine results by using SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Buzz marketing online

This involves creating a fuss around a product or advertising campaign that you engineer online. It is not as easy as it seems, as it is a form of viral marketing, and viral marketing is very unpredictable.

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