How to Generate Auto Tags for WordPress Posts

How to Generate Auto Tags for WordPress PostsA tag is a keyword that author assign to his post to describe or identify the content like subject of post, type of post, people involved etc. This helps readers searching for a particular type post using same tags.

This is the point to debate whether tags are recognized by search engines or not. One group of people says, Search engines crawling tags as they are treated like keywords. On other hand, some says tags do not help search engines to add you to their databases. Although there is no harm till you are using tags appropriately.

You may put number of tags for single post. So always thinking and keeping tags for each and every post will be difficult and time consuming. Today I will show you how you can generate auto tags for your each post. So there is no need to think about which tags you should use.

How to Generate Auto Tags for WordPress Posts

1) At first, login to WordPress Dashboard and then go to Plugins and then click on Add New. Then search for Auto Tags (plugin by Jonathan Foucher) and get it installed.

How to Generate Auto Tags for WordPress Posts

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2) No special configuration is required for this plugin. As well as you draft a new post, this plugin will check the content of post and automatically add the tags relevant to your posts. (see in below figure)

How to Generate Auto Tags for WordPress Posts

Hey! what about your old post? Don’t worry! Edit and update old post once. You will see tags are automatically generated along with manually added tags.

I am using Auto-tag since long time and it has saved my time and headache to add tags manually. You may also share your experience about tagging. I hope you have enjoyed this post and I would like to thank you for reading this post. Now it is your turn to share your views, suggestion or place any query, I will try my best to sort it out. Also don’t forget to share it. You may also like us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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