Yes! I Quit My Job For Full Time Blogging

 I quit my job

Sanket Patil

Hey Friends,

Due to the festive season, I was not able to post since long. So I thought I should come up with some extraordinary content. My today’s post is neither about blogging tips nor on SEO. But I’m sure, you will definitely enjoy this post. Here I am going to share the first ever interview on AddictedMe.

We have awesome blogger Mr. Sanket Patil with us who is the owner of (one of my favorite blog). He has started his blogging career as a hobby back in 2010. At present, he is successfully running four blogs. Out of four, is a technology blog, whereas shares blogging tips & tricks and other two have different niches. So let’s know from him about his journey and how he became a hobby blogger to pro blogger.

Interview with Mr. Sanket Patil

Sagar: Hi Sanket, Welcome to AddictedMe and thanks for giving us your valuable time for this interview.

Sanket: First of all, thank you very much for giving me the great honor to be a part of your blog and a chance to interact with your readers.

Sagar: Let we start with first question. How and when did you enter into blogging? And who is your blogging role models?

Sanket: Talking about the blogging, I started my journey in 2010 as a hobby blogger as most of doing. After completing my studies I joined the 9 to 6 job which was not actually 9 to 6. Meanwhile I got to know about the blogging from my friend and started my first blog on cricket as it was my hobby and I love to talk about it every time. Somehow my views have been changed towards blogging as when I come to know that this is an amazing platform to outcomes and to be established. And finally I jumped into serious blogging from hobby blogging after just 3 months spent on blogging. In my earlier blogging career I follow so many wrong people and got failed but the determination about the blogging don’t let me put it down. I love to write, I love to explore, I love to share, I love to experiment and combination of all these things is in the blogging. I personally adore Mohammad Mustafa Ahemadzai, his blog MyBloggerTricks change my life. I learnt so many things from his blog.

I quit my job for full time blogging

Sagar: What is blogging for you?

Sanket: It has been a part of life since I have started it seriously. I quit my job for full time blogging and decide to focus on it. I just enjoy every beat of the moment since I just turned on my laptop in the morning. I don’t go on holidays without my laptop as I have to write a blog post or have to optimize my blog. In simple words it is my heartbeat and I can’t miss it.

Sagar: How many hours do you spend per day on your blog(s)?

Sanket: Countless! But if you want to count it you can say that I just take a break to go to bed at night. Even my breakfast, lunch and dinner also come to my desk.

Sagar: How do you make money from your blog? How much you are earning per month or year. What are the top income sources? And how can a blogger make a decent income from their blogs?

Sanket: This is the question that every blogger wants to know about the other blogger. I am earning enough for livelihood. I earn money from AdSense, Paid Reviews, Online Promotions, Blog Setups and from Affiliates. My top income source is AdSense, online promotion and paid reviews. Every blogger who is serious about blogging can make a big difference in his life via blogging. This is the platform to earn unexpected money from it. Keep your blog clean, neat, fast, informative, updated, easy to use, attractive, exciting and surprising.

Sagar: How much time you spent to make your first dollar online?

Sanket: I got my first dollar earning on AdSense after a two month of AdSense approval. I didn’t know about the Adsense very much at that time. I just knew that someone display advertise on my blog and they will pay to me for that. I even don’t know how and when Google would pay. After I got connected with some people who are making good amount from Google I did get some knowledge and start building my earnings.

Sagar: When you’re new to blogging, how did you bring traffic to your sites? What were the worst mistakes you made as a newbie? Have you ever felt like quitting it?

Sanket: I never ever think to bring traffic to my blog when I was new to blogging. I just think that people automatically know about my post or Google will tell them that this is the new post and you might have to read this. As a newbie I did the same thing as some new blogger done. I copy paste the things from another source to my blog. And when I got banned from Adsense. Then I realize that what affected to my blog. I quickly correct the error and got my Adsense back. As I said I love to write, explore, share and experiment I never get felt to quit it.

Sagar: What do you think about the future of blogging? Who will succeed and who will fail according to You?

Sanket: Blogging will go far longer. There are so many blogs are coming in every minute but still it will long last. Very few people can keep their blog alive after a few months and those are the serious bloggers. The number of new bloggers is increasing day by day but the number of serious and intelligent bloggers is not that much. Only few of them succeed and established their blog. The average earning it’s not the big thing, but the main thing is you have your blog as your identity. When it becomes your passion you will definitely succeed. “Don’t love what your doing, do what you love”. This is my simple funda to get success.

Sagar: Can you give our readers top blogging success secrets?

Sanket: There is no secret to become a successful blogger. Everyone knows how to become a successful blogger. Just ask yourself why you want to be successful in whatever you are doing. Blogging is not that much easy as people feels in their earlier stage. When it’s come to produce fresh content, SEO, SMO, Internet Marketing, Promotion, consistency people fail to maintain these things. Set short term target, focus on it and achieve it. Don’t try to fool your audience. Only try to get more readers, and when you get those great numbers of reader money will automatically flow to you.

Sagar: When you don’t feel like blogging, what are you doing?

Sanket: I think I have cleared this in my previous answer.

Sagar: Haaha..!! Thank you very much Sanket and all the best for your future.

Sanket: Hey! Thanks Sagar!!!

Hope you like the interview with Mr. Sanket Patil, also do visit his exciting blog Now it’s your turn to share your views and suggestion. Also don’t forget to share this post. You may also like us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Sagar Desai

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  1. says

    Hey Sagar,

    It is great to see you have posted a different and motivating post for bloggers. The guy Mr. sanket Patil, share his experience beautifully and definitely this going to help me and guide to the new bloggers.

    Once again Special thanks to sagar and Sanket.
    Vasant Sakpal recently posted…Logitech Unifying receiver Know howMy Profile

  2. says

    Superb and inspiring interview.. Really blogging have the power which can forced anyone to do full time leaving the job if one can do seriously.. not for only the sake of money but blogging should done with passion if any one have the true passion of blogging then i am sure he can do full time blogging and can earn a lot better then doing a job in a company as a servant.. While in blogger one can be owner of his and her choice..
    Kamlesh Nishad recently posted…Say goodbye to conventional MarketingMy Profile

  3. says

    Hi Sagar,

    I always love reading interview posts to see what I can learn. Great job to Sankat for being able to quit a full-time job and do what he is passionate about.

    I know that it took a lot of hard work, but sounds like you’re doing a great job. Thanks for sharing how you reached your goals with us. Have a great day.
    Susan Velez recently posted…Time Management Clock – Taking More BreaksMy Profile

  4. says

    i agree what he said about blogging regarding identity. blogging usually represents ourselves, our brand and our business. this is the reason why many freelance writers like me maintain a blog not only because we want to earn via blogging but we need to establish ourselves online (brand as freelance writers)

    in fact, i only earn cents from blogging as of today but i still maintain it since it is an important component of being a freelancer. even if we decide to sell our blog, we have to create another blog or a writers’ website to inform the online world that me, as freelance writer, exist in this world
    marilyn cada recently posted…Get Tech News Updates At Danaty.orgMy Profile

  5. says

    I have known Sanket for quite some time now and he was the first person to comment on this blog of mine. I am a regular at his blog and really like some of the widgets he share with his readers. He is a great blogger and an exceptional friend. Wish him all the best for his blogging future.

    Thanks Sagar for sharing this awesome interview with an excellent upcoming blogger like Sanket.
    Ankur Upadhyay recently posted…5 Most Popular WordPress Security PluginsMy Profile

  6. says

    Really nice post.My blog is old n I have approved Adsense since the beginnin. I dnt kno hw 2 claim it…looks lik I’ve gotta pay attentn to it nw! :D Thanks fr d informative post!

  7. says

    Very revealing and inspirational interview here with Sanket. It must have been a really bold and hopefully smart move quiting his job.

    Lots of people want to quit their jobs but the fear of “uncertainty” keeps them stuck. I hope they can learn a lot from Sanket in this interview!

    • says

      Hello Kingsley,

      Thank you for your comment.
      Yes, Sanket is so confident person and believe himself what he do. Really it is very tough decision for anyone to take full time blogging as a career. But he has done it and still maintained consistency which might lost by many of bloggers over the period.
      Ultimately moral is you required passion about what you do, self confidence and need to believe in yourself.

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