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ShopperLocal is an overall good package for small business owners looking for a low cost advertising campaign. With the right marketing strategy, you can get the most of your investment.

Hey readers, I hope you are doing well. Today I’m going to review a well known marketing company’s services, ShopperLocal. ShopperLocal is local driven marketing company offering cost effective marketing solutions to small business owners. Their services and online presence made me curious to know more about them. After some research, I found the following information about this company.

ShopperLocal – Hyper local marketing that works for your business

For 60 years ShopperLocal has been one of the most reputable companies providing grocery store advertising and online marketing solutions for small businesses. ShopperLocal is offering four major services which we will review one by one.


Register Tape Network prints your ad or coupon on the back of grocery store transaction receipts. This method makes sure every potential customer gets your ad delivered to their hand. Register Tape Network is a very good option instead of distributing company ad pamphlets in a particular area or region. When your ad is placed in a supermarket located close to your business, you are targeting potential customers who are already in close proximity to your business, increasing the chance that they will visit your business.

There are certain limitations like limited ad size and color choice: do not expect your ad to look fancy. This service is suitable to those who are looking for a high volume of ad distribution at a low cost.

ShopperLocal Register Tape Network


ShopperLocal’s AdCart product puts your ad on the back of child seats on shopping carts. It gives you a very good quality printed ad that faces your potential customer throughout their shopping trip. This is a really nice way to target your audience with quality, but the cost is slightly higher than Register Tape Network. If you have a good ad budget then Adcart is a great advertising option.

ShpperLocal Adcart


CouponEasy is the online ad distribution system for the Register Tape Network. Through this system Business owners can create an online coupon by simply selecting their business name, category and zip code for distribution of their ad. It’s an easy to use system, and a low cost product. It works well in small cities where competition is low, but harder to succeed in metro areas where competition may be greater. For more these more highly populated areas, ShopperLocal offers a premium service for businesses to have their offers listed first when customers search for businesses of that type.

ShopperLocal CouponEasy


Shopperlocal Digital provides internet and social media services like optimizing a website for mobile compatibility, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media and email marketing. It helps you get branding and visibility in today’s biggest and most powerful marketplace (the internet), and it is all in one package. This service is good for business owners who do not have technical skills or a digital marketing team, as ShopperLocal handles everything for their customer.

Shopperlocal Digital

Why to choose ShopperLocal

  • 60 year old stable company: Grown as largest grocery store advertising and online marketing solutions.
  • Qualified professionals in all areas of the organization.
  • Quality customer service, focusing on customer satisfaction and customer values.
  • Great local exposure and trackable results.
  • Perfect for small businesses with a small marketing budget.


ShopperLocal is an overall good package for small business owners looking for a low cost advertising campaign. With the right marketing strategy, you can get the most of your investment.

Sagar Desai

I am founder of AddictedMe. It is an upcoming blog which has made its own space within Blogosphere in a very short time span.
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  1. says

    Hi Sagar,

    No matter which country I am in, no matter what place on earth I walk, when it comes to small businesses, the need to go Hyper-Local is dire.
    Small business owners everywhere rely(and I cannot highlight it any stronger) on local customers for survival. The very span of their operations is Hyper-Local. They need not only cost effective solutions but solutions which hit their target markets with marksman’s precision.
    ShopperLocal’s services are exactly what the small business community needs. They hit the nail right on mark. Great Review.

  2. says

    Thank you for such a beautiful review of our business. I promise that we will keep on serving our customers with the principles of honesty, transparency and unconditional quality.

  3. says

    I have been using the register tape service for as long as I can remember. The service has been great for my business and brings in a decent amount of redemption every time. Well everyone has their own taste and the ads have been fancy enough for me. Great review though.

  4. says

    Thank you for the detail description.
    Advertising companies like Shopperlocal just might be the future of marketing.
    I say this because at a personal level I feel that they are more effective at targeting the local communities which is the lifeline for any small business. Small businesses are the future.

  5. says

    I believe that it is very essential for both, a small business and a start-up to spend their capital only when required. Unwise investment of capital can bring even the most brilliant of ideas to its downfall. What I see is that their products are specifically targeted towards a focused, local market which is exactly what a small business requires. This accurate targeting
    secondly they seem to be way more cost effective than the traditional ATB forms of marketing which is an incredible advantage.
    Local advertising is a capital idea for any small business and these people have the right tools for small businesses.

  6. John Balmer says

    Shopperlocal’s ad cart advertising has done an awesome job for my clinic. There was around 30% increase in incoming patients which was more than what I expected. Great Job

  7. Emma Bells says

    I am a former employee now in role of a customer and hence understand the company inside out. By my experience I deem ShopperLocal to be one of the most effective in terms of their partnerships with the local stores. Their recent tie-up with family dollar bolsters my faith in them. Godspeed.

  8. says

    Quite insightful review. It is indeed a boon for local businesses like us. In-fact I was looking for such advertising model.. Thanks Mr. Sagar

  9. Bob Lutz says

    ShopperLocal is indeed the most effective advertising company that I have came across, and I have tried everything from Fliers to Social media for promotion. Their solutions are effective and show immediate results. The Register tape marketing started showing off its effects within a week of of start date of my coupons. I got around 20 redemption in the first week itself and since then I have been hooked to this service.
    This is something that works at the root level, going directly in the hands of the customer so it is not very hard to imagine how effective it can be.
    It worked for my business and I hope that it works for your business too.

  10. Rachel Patel says

    Shopperlocal has been great!
    Easily the best advertising my business ever had.
    I never had a big budget so with the exception of daring to advertise on local cable, I never switched to big shot advertising.
    But when I talk about best value for the budget, Shopperlocal has given me bang for my every buck. The Register tape advertising has given me 15 customers per day on an average since the very first week of our contract.
    Moreover, the account manager assigned to me is very helpful and friendly. It has been 3 months now and the results are marvelous. This is one agency I would gladly recommend to others.

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