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I always like to share success stories, which are always inspiring us and keep motivated to work hard. Today we have a successful personality in Internet World, Mr. Manish Chauhan with us. He is the owner of very popular website which is sharing useful information on personal finance. You will definitely love to read the success story of Mr. Manish in his own words, so don’t forget to comment after reading it.

Manish Chauhan (

Manish Chauhan

Interview with Manish Chauhan of

Sagar: Hi Manish, Welcome to AddictedMe and thanks for giving us your valuable time for this interview.

Manish: Hey Sagar, thank you very much for giving me the great honor to be a part of your blog and a chance to interact with your readers.

Sagar: How and when did you enter into blogging? And who are your blogging role models?

Manish: I entered blogging in 2007 end, while I was working at YAHOO, Bangalore. This was the time, when I started writing about personal finance through my blog There are several bloggers who are really successful and motivate me, but one name I would like to take is Chandoo from

Sagar: What is Blogging for you?

Manish: Blogging for me is a way to learn things. Blogging is a way to give back my knowledge to  others, Blogging is a medium to touch someone’s life without even talking to them and knowing them. Blogging has really changed my entire life and my whole career has shifted due to blogging. I met my business partner Nandish Desai only due to my blog. From our blog itself, we have written a few books with CNBC, which are listed here We also did a show on CNBC, which was called “PLAN F”

Sagar: How many hours do you spend per day on your blog(s)?

Manish: At this moment, there are various things in my plate, which are a result of the blog. So while I spend a full day working on various things which are linked to my blog. But if you ask specifically about “blog”, I spend anywhere around 2.5-3 hours on it.

Sagar: How do you make money from your blog? What are the top income sources? And how can a blogger make a decent income from their blogs?

Manish: Some of the ways we make money from our blogs are by charging fees to our clients whom we get from our reader base, We also have some of the online products like and which are subscription based programs for investors. Apart from this we also make money by conducting online Boot camps on Facebook for investors and also some offline workshops in various cities.

A blogger once creates his decent community and has a lot of followers, there are various ways of earning money, But it’s very much dependent on the type of blog. There can’t be one formula for making money, but if you have a decent blog, you can make decent money.

Success Story of Manish Chauhan of Jagoinvestor

Sagar: How much time you spent to make your first dollar online?

Manish: It was around 2-3 yrs, because we started making any money from the blog, because if you focus on money from the start, then it’s not possible to really run a blog which is honest and makes a real difference in your reader’s life. It took 2+ yrs to make any money.

Sagar: When you’re new to blogging, how did you bring traffic to your sites? What were the worst mistakes you made as a newbie? Have you ever felt like quitting it?

Manish: I was working with Yahoo and in the starting days, I used to share the links of my articles on internal channel and then started sharing it on my Facebook wall, etc. But those were the days of 2008 start and truly speaking more than marketing of what I am writing, I was enjoying WRITING, I used to publish something, tell it to a few people and then move on to the next piece. I used to get close to 1-2 comments in 2-3 days and those days it was enough to feel great!.

Some of the mistakes I did as a newbie here

  • Started on and then later moved to WordPress, but I think that’s story of every new blogger
  • Did not concentrate on the QUALITY of writing and look & feel of the website
  • Did not start collecting email and names of my readers from the start

I never felt like quitting ever :).

Sagar: What do you think about the future of blogging?

Manish: We are already in an era where blogging as a concept is very successful, But I still feel, lots of hidden talent, information is buried in various peoples’ heads and mind, and they should start their blogs to bring it out in this world. Lots of new platforms these days, especially might change the face of the blogging world in coming time.

Sagar: Who will succeed and who will fail according to you?

Manish: Surely those who are consistent, write high quality things and really take care of their readers will succeed in the long term, in a way blog is your startup. Don’t go mad thinking about monetizing it from day 1, create a great product (successful blog) and you will always find some way to make money out of it, it’s a by product!

Sagar: Can you give our readers top blogging success secrets?

Manish: I will keep it this way. If you put 100% effort, then divide it like this

  • 75% – Write amazing things, which at the end of the day create value and readers utter just one word – “Mind Blowing”
  • 20% – Market it effectively and also takes care of your readers, reply them, build a community
  • 5% – SEO – Follow some simple things in SEO, don’t give your life optimizing things.

Sagar: When you don’t feel like blogging, what are you doing?

Manish: I am reading a book, or watching TV news or sleeping.

Sagar: Thank you very much Manish for this great interview and all the best for your future.

Manish: Hey! Thanks Sagar and all the best to AddictedMe!!

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