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Today, we have the successful Internet Entrepreneur Mr. Saurabh Jain with us. He is the owner of one of leading coupon website It is an opportunity to hear his success story in his own word. This interview is full of information and inspire you to work smart towards your goal. I am damn sure that you will love it, so don’t forget to comment and share.

Interview with Mr Saurabh Jain of

Sagar: Hi Saurabh, Welcome to AddictedMe and thanks for giving us your valuable time for this interview.
Saurabh: Hey Sagar, thank you very much for giving me the great honor to be a part of your blog and a chance to interact with your readers.
Sagar: Let we start with the first question. For those who don’t know you and your work, can you tell us a little about yourself?
Saurabh: I am Saurabh Jain. I did my B.Tech from IIT and later worked with Deloitte and HSBC for a few years. I have always been crazy about the word “NEW”. New gadgets, new experiences, new places, new food etc. I explore things to the fullest till they are no longer strangers to me.
Sagar: What was the inspiration to start

Saurabh: During my engineering and later during my brief stint in the corporate world, I came across various online shopping sites. While purchasing goods, I used to keep a watch out for discounts or sale. Sometimes I would succeed, but many I would end up paying more for the goods.India’s online retail industry has grown at a rapid pace in the last five years, from a revenue of around Rs. 15 billion (US$ 249.64 million) in the year 2007–08 to Rs 139 billion (US$ 2.31 billion) in 2012–13, translating into a CAGR of over 56 per cent. The ninefold growth came as a result of increasing internet penetration and changing lifestyles, and was primarily driven by books, electronics, apparel, beauty and personal care.

According to Crisil Research, the online retail business in India is expected to grow at a whopping 50–55 percent annually to become a Rs 50,000 crore (US$ 8.32 billion) business in the next three years. The launch of Shoppal was aimed to help and guide the ever increasing population of online shoppers’ population and enable them to purchase the quality products at best possible prices by being the one stop discount shop.

Sagar: Can you share your business model with us?
Saurabh: Shoppal works on an affiliate business model. Various ecommerce merchants approachshoppal to promote their new campaigns and offer it with an ever increasing visitor base. The transactions conducted are paid by the merchants based on the different revenue structures like CPA CPA (Cost per action),  CPL (Cost per lead), CPS (Cost per sale), CPC (Cost per click) etc.
Sagar: How have you utilized Social Media Platforms?
Saurabh: Yes, we do. We are actively present on various social media platforms and continuously keep our fan base updated with the latest deals and offers. Most of our social media traffic comes from platforms like  Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest.
Sagar: Are you using paid advertisements to promote your website?
Saurabh: Yes, we make use of paid advertisements, but in a very limited fashion. We occasionally run campaigns like Google Adwords, Facebook promotions and Banner advertisements. We believe in word of mouth publicity and this works very well with us because of the kind of services we provide.
Sagar: Any tie up with other sites in the industry. Your current or to be partnerships?
Saurabh: We have currently partnered with around 100s of merchants with whom we don’t work on a commission basis but are partnered on a relationship basis. We promote new startups that don’t have much profit to share. This has built our rapport and long term relations with them. After all, it’s about all of us, put together, to join hands and eventually credit for the growth of this sector and add some value to our society. We are not looking for any investments as of now.
Sagar: Overview of your internet marketing strategy
Saurabh: We work on an integrated marketing strategy to show brand presence via multiple channels. This includes Social media as has been mentioned above, Search engine marketing, Email marketing to our 1Lakh+ subscriber base, PRs, Contests and Giveaways. Recently, we organized a highly appreciated Treasure hunt contest, which saw a participation of more than 100 students from India’s premier institutes like IIMs, IITs and NITs.
Sagar: We would like to know about your achievements till date.
Saurabh: It’s due to our services and people support that its been only 7 months since we started and today we are hitting a target of more than 100 sales per day. This figure is increasing by 15-25% every month. Every week we are partnering with 7-10 new merchants. This is the kind of amazing response we are getting from the merchants, and this is an achievement in itself.
Sagar: So what is your goal in the near future?
Saurabh: We aspire to become the top brand in the coupon space that people will trust and rely upon. Through our new services, which will be launched soon (confidential now), we aspire to become a one stop source for all coupon needs.
Sagar: How has the concept “ONLINE SHOPPING” changed in the last few years and where do you see its future?

Saurabh: Online shopping is a household name now. It started with Jobs, matrimony, irctc (railway reservation portal) and now has indulged itself in property, food, fashion, travel and what not. People now people feel far more secure and comfortable than they felt a few years back. Though, I would request shoppers to first analyze new emerging portals. The shoppers’ can always refer the help services on through our forum. Kindly refer our blog and then only initiate transactions with new portals on the block.

Sagar: What advice can you give our visitors when thinking about starting or promoting their personal or business sites?
Saurabh: Strategy is important. A thorough SWOT (Strength, weakness, Opportunities & Threats) analysis of the sector and the product you are launching is important in today’s time. If it passes the SWOT test, jump with full zeal and passion without loosing time.
Sagar: Thank you very much Saurabh for this informative interview and all the best for your future.
Saurabh: Hey! Thank you very much Sagar and all the best!

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