WordPress for Those with Non-Extravagant Budgets


So, there are a dozen of experts already who have doled out humdrums on how WordPress is The Content Management system to have your blog on. Of course, when it comes to power-packed features and functionalities, rivaling WordPress was not an easy prospect. But extravagant features is not all what WordPress is about.


The current buzz would make a novice believe that having a respectable blog on WordPress would mean letting their pockets, loose in a big way, and putting too much effort to make sure they leverage all the available features. However, the fact contradicts the somewhat common belief that WordPress is expensive – if not in terms of cash, then in terms of time and effort to be invested.

For the souls who are yet to set their foot in the WordPress world, but planning to very soon, it is important to know that doing so isn’t a prospect that should be contemplated upon for weeks and months. It takes rather a small amount of time to have a website up and running on WordPress. And this is how WordPress makes it easy:

It’s a Breeze to Manage Content

The whole layout of WordPress-powered blogs is such that it gives a clean and free of clutter vibe to the ones creating a blog. Plus, the content management features of WordPress are unlike anything you can get from other Content Management Systems out there in the market (which by the way are great in numbers). Managing content on your WordPress website is pretty non-fussy and involves not a layer of complication. The interface is simply built and lets you arrange content in the manner you wish to arrange it, without much of a set up. And if you are more than willing to put in some extra effort, you get a great value for every cent of that extra effort. You can make the blog look cleaner, and have some tools to make your task even more straightforward.

Customization Isn’t a Headache

Any product that allows you to customize it and make it work the way you wish it to – be it a something tangible like an electricity generator, or intangible like your website – is more than happily grabbed by you as at one point of time you would really want to tailor it to suit your fluctuating needs. And that is exactly what WordPress offers you with. There is so much room for customization and personalization of your WordPress that anytime you wish to inject a feature that follows the tone of your business aptly, you can do so with a little help for a huge set of tools.

The Performance-Enhancing Extensions

And then there is that. As your business evolves, you would want your website to run parallel to the advancements, and you would want to upgrade with features that were not a part of the initial roadmap. With a suite of extensions and plugins, doing so becomes a job that hardly calls for much effort. All you need to do is to go the “add plugins” option in the Dashboard menu and search the plugin you wish to install. If you don’t have the exact idea of what is the perfect plugin for the site, you can do a Google search. Let’s say you want to enable Social Media buttons on your site, go to Google and search for “best social media plugins for WordPress”, and you will have a cluster of options to choose from.

A decision to run a blog on WordPress has a number of valid reasons. So, why spend so much time thinking?